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Why Choose Lithium Batteries?

Better Performance

Highly Dynamic Power that Accelerates Quicker and Lasts Longer

Over 300 lbs Lighter

Lightweight Design for More Range & Maneuverability

10 Hrs Full Run Time

Longer Run Time at Full Power in a Lightweight Package

Next-Level Power

Next level power to start and operate, and maintain all of your powered equipment including Cars, Trucks, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, Dirtbikes, ATVs, Boats, Waverunners / Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, Utility Vehicles, and more.

Lithium Advantages

Get the best service, pricing, and selection when you buy lithium batteries from Global Battery Direct.

When you use a Lithium Battery on an EV such as a Golf Cart, you’ll enjoy the following benefits.

Longer Drive Range

Take longer trips in your Golf Cart without worrying about range. You’ll be able to go farther on less charge time and always have full power.

Faster Acceleration

Get a boost to your acceleration with lithium batteries specially designed for increased pickup and better user experience.

Shorter Charge Times

Get a Full Charge more quickly and even go further on partial charges. 2-3 hour Full Charge times are common with lithium batteries.

Multiple Voltages Available

Voltages from 24 to 48 volts are common. Higher voltages up to 96 volts are also available for cart and other applications.

10 Hours of Full Power

Unlike lead acid batteries, you’ll have Full Power at any charge level, whereas traditional batteries lose power around the 50% charge mark.

Compliant with MV Specs

For any manufacturer or builder out there, lithium batteries are safe and fully compliant with all local, regional, and national motor vehicle specs.

Lithium, Optimized for Action & Dependability

Your new Lithium Battery Pack will never leave you stranded and will actually save you money for years to come.

Lower Weight
Reduced Charge Time
Extended Range
What people are saying

People Love Lithium Power

My cart now has greater range than before. I can go farther and charge quicker. Well worth it.

Albert Janeski

Wilmington, NC

Revolutionary PFX Technology Available at Global Battery

Battery Models

Our most popular battery models for multiple applications. Dealers inquiries are welcome. Special pricing is available along with same or next day delivery.

Bolt Energy 51V 160AH Lithium Battery
Bolt Energy 51V 160AH Lithium Battery
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